Commercial Diving & Marine Services

Providing industry-leading Onshore and Offshore Commercial Diving and Marine Services to the Construction Industry for over 30 years.

Gilbert Diving is a wholly Australian owned Commercial Diving and Marine Services Company.  We provide services to the construction industry across the entire onshore and offshore commercial diving and marine life cycle.

Our team is comprised of highly skilled & qualified professionals.  Combined with our unique diving systems and purpose built vessels, we can offer an industry-leading standard.  This is the formula for our success in delivering solutions to our clients.

Gilbert Diving Commercial Diving Services

In-water Ship Surveying for the marine industry including welding and repairs by Commercial Diving organisation - Gilbert Diving.
Gilbert Diving offers Underwater Demolition service for a broad range of clients.
Offshore salvage by Gilbert Diving
Pile Repairs and Maintenance by Gilbert Diving - Commercial Divers.
Bridge structural inspection and repairs performed by Gilbert Diving - Commercial Divers.
Gilbert Diving carries out Underwater Welding projects.
Construction onshore and offshore including bridge construction, pylons, jetty construction and wharf construction by industry leading commercial diving company, Gilbert Diving
Water asset management including inspection of water storage tanks, dams, reservoirs and lakes for water supply by onshore diving specialist, Gilbert Diving.

Founded in 1988, Gilbert Diving is a privately owned Australian company!

Gilbert Diving provides Commercial Diving and Marine services along with a strong engineering capacity to service leading global clients in the construction industry.  We have the ability and capacity to provide our services globally. Furthermore, no matter where Gilbert Diving operates in the world, safety is always held as the key priority.  Additionally, Gilbert Diving are leaders in the field of health, safety, environment and quality and we systematically promote these areas in the execution of all our operations.

The top performance of our personnel has helped develop a high level of trust among our clients, building the foundations for the future growth of our company.  Our core business operations include Bridge & Structural Inspections and Repairs, Underwater Demolition, Underwater Pile & Structural Cutting and Underwater Welding.

Today, we are proud that Gilbert Diving is one of the longest surviving commercial diving companies and is recognised as a diverse, optimistic and versatile company that strives to not only meet the needs of our clients, but to surpass their expectations.  What can Gilbert Diving do for your business today?

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Capability Statement for Australian Commercial Diving and Marine Services company - Gilbert Diving
  • Gilbert Diving regularly carry out inwater ship surveying and underwater repairs for maritime and ocean going vessels, contact us today!
  • Contact Gilbert Diving Commercial Diving specialists for Underwater Bridge Inspections
  • Contact Gilbert Diving, professional commercial divers for Pile Repairs and Bridge Inspections
  • Contact Gilbert Diving for Pile Repairs including Water Blasting Pier
  • Gilbert Diving always keep safety a key priority when carrying out underwater demolition, contact us today!
  • Contact Gilbert Diving for In Water Ship Surveying and underwater ship repairs
  • Diver from Gilbert Diving inspects Railway Bridge over a river in Queensland, Australia

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